10 Signs You’re Moving Too Fast in a Relationship

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Published On 01 Jul 2014

Whether you believe in love at first sight or think that people need a lot of time to know each other, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re simply going too fast. When you run by each relationship touchstone in a race to the finish, you might ignore big red flags that could end up causing a breakup.

Discover the most important signs you’re moving too fast in a relationship, and find out why taking things slowly might be the right thing in the end.

You’re Completely Focused on Your New Partner

After a few dates or even weeks, your partner shouldn’t become the central focus of your life. When you spend all your free time with your new boyfriend, you might be losing yourself in the mix. It’s important to take your time when introducing someone new into your life, because getting caught in a whirlwind of emotions can make you lose sight of the important things.

Rushing Towards The L Word

One of the biggest signs you’re moving too fast in a relationship is finding yourself using the L word when you clearly didn’t have time to move on from your initial infatuation. If your boyfriend starts throwing “love” around at the earliest stages of your relationship, tell him that things are simply moving too fast.

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