10 Signs You’re Dating a Cheater

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Published On 20 Sep 2014

When your instinct is telling you something’s off, you’re probably right. No matter how careful they are, cheaters usually raise a few red flags at the beginning of a relationship.

Discover the most obvious signs you’re dating a cheater, and put your man to the test. If he’s only displaying one or two signs, don’t jump to any rash conclusions. But if he ticks most of the boxes, you might just be dating the wrong guy, who’ll cheat and hurt you in the end.

1. He’s Too Secretive or Mysterious

You can’t expect someone to be a completely open book after just a couple of dates, but if you’re weeks or months into the relationship and he’s more secretive than most, he might just have something to guide. Some men like to cultivate an air of mystery without any ulterior reason, but most usually like to use it in order to cover their tracks when they’re cheating.

2. You’ve Caught Him Lying

One of the most obvious signs you’re dating a cheater is that you already know he’s a liar. When he’s making up excuses which are verifiably untrue, it might be more than little white lies. Whether he’s a good or bad liar, when you catch him lying more than once, be careful.

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