10 Signs Your Hair Is Damaged

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Published On 28 Oct 2014

There are many ways in which you can inflict damage on your hair, from styling it with heat to chemical processing, but the effects of your mistakes take time to really show themselves.

Once you get used to seeing the signs your hair is damaged early on, you can do something about quickly to prevent further problems. Find out how to test your hair and see just how it’s doing before spending money on expensive treatments that promise to fix the problem.

1. You’re Noticing Split Ends After a Haircut

Split ends are a clear sign of damaged hair, but what you should be looking out for is the time it takes for them to appear after a trim. Once you get it cut, your hair should be free of split ends for at least a month, and up to two for many women. Even if you’re trying to grow it out, it’s important that you pay attention to split ends and get a trim every few months.

2. It's Getting Dry and Frizzy

When the weather wreaks more havoc on your hair than ever before, and you start noticing that your hair is increasingly frizzy, that’s one of the most obvious signs your hair is damaged. Dry hair is always more prone to getting frizzy, so if you’re sticking to the same hair care regimen but your hair is reacting differently, there might be a problem.

3. It Breaks Off in the Middle

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