10 Rules to Wearing the Matchy-Matchy Look

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Published On 08 Sep 2014

Matching separates have been called a lot bad things over the years, from old-fashioned to tacky and costumey, but in the past year they’ve transitioned to one of the hottest runway looks.

Featured in many Fall 2014 and resort 2015 collections, including Gucci and Ralph Lauren, matching separates are here to stay. Take a look at the most important matchy-matchy style rules, that can help you navigate this trend while keeping it stylish and chic.

1. Stick to Just Two Separates

Once you accept that matching separates can work as part of any type of look, from elegant to casual, it’s important to rein it in. Adding a third matching item to your two separates is definitely taking it too far, and pushing it in costumey territory. You have to be particularly careful about how you style your look if the two separates make up your entire look (not counting accessories).

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