10 Rules for Finding Love on Tinder

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Published On 18 Nov 2014

With online dating becoming available in app form, there’s a whole new set of rules you should follow in order to increase your chances. Whether you’ve never used Tinder or tried it, but didn’t find what you were looking for, here’s how to use the app to its maximum potential. If you’re looking for a long term, monogamous relationship, don’t ignore these Tinder dos and dont’s.

Stick to a few simple rules for finding love on Tinder, and you’ll be able to increase your chances of finding the right match and meeting someone you really want to be with.

1. Choose Flattering, Realistic Photos

Just like for any online dating platform, the pictures you choose can have the biggest impact for your chances of succes. Avoid selfies and forget about duckface, whether it’s supposed to be ironic or not. Choose a few pictures that you look good in, but don’t go too far with Photoshop or use really old ones. Avoid group shots and make sure that you’re doing something fun in most of your profile pics.

2. Don’t Swipe Right Just to Be Nice

One of the most important rules for finding love on Tinder is using the app the way it’s meant to be used, by only swiping right for guys you’re actually interested in. If you swipe right too much, you might fill your inbox with matches that aren’t really right for you. You’ll also be wasting other people’s time in a way that you probably wouldn’t appreciate yourself, right?

3. Fill Your Profile the Right Way

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