10 Reasons to Try Yoga

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Published On 26 Oct 2014

The practice of yoga is thousands of years old, but has endured and evolved because of its physical and mental benefits. Find out what yoga can do for you, with as little practice as a few minutes each day.

Learn more about the biggest reasons to try yoga, and how to use to improve your health and well-being, even if you’re not interested in the spiritual aspects of it. The wide variety of yoga schools provides plenty of chances to pick the right type of yoga for your lifestyle.

1. Stress Reduction

One of the most important benefits of yoga is improving your stress management skills. Focusing on the present can help you relax and reduce stress hormone levels. By letting go of the outside world as you practice yoga, you’ll also be able to develop a better focus, alongside all the benefits of stress reduction, which include a boost to your immune system.

2. Weight Loss

Getting to your target weight and sticking to it is achieved by burning more calories than you’re eating, but that doesn’t mean that only vigorous exercise helps. One of the best reasons to try yoga is the fact that it can aid you in your weight loss efforts, whether you go for a more demanding type, like hot yoga, or the more traditional flow yoga.

3. Pain Management

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