10 Makeup Tricks for Droopy Eyelids

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Published On 22 Aug 2014

Lifting your eyelids can be simple once you learn how to apply the most flattering makeup. Whether you’re dealing with a single drooping eyelid or with both, these excellent anti-sagging tricks can help.

The basics of droopy eyelids makeup are all about knowing how to apply the products, but before you start learning about that, remember that a well defined brow arch helps a lot in drawing the eye upwards. Fill in your brows and make sure they’re arched correctly (look straight ahead, the right place for the peak of the arch is above the outer edge of the iris), before trying some of the best makeup tips for droopy eyelids.

1. Start with a Good Primer

Using an eye primer is fundamental when it comes to droopy eyelids makeup. You want your makeup to stay put perfectly, so invest in a good primer that will prevent any smudging and will extend the life of these simple tricks.

2. Use Liquid Concealer

The best choice for concealer is a liquid product, and you should apply it all over your eyelids, going up to the eyebrow. If you’re used to blending with your fingers, you should do that, but a makeup sponge can be more effective in making sure the area is covered perfectly and evenly. Now you’re ready to start trying the most effective makeup tips for droopy eyelids.

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