10 Fabrics You’ll Want in Your Summer Wardrobe

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Published On 19 Jun 2014

While natural fabrics are preferred by most when it comes to summer clothing, synthetic fabrics can be a great choice too, thanks to their special moisture wicking properties. Whether you’re looking for the perfect summer maxi dress or activewear, discover the best fabrics to wear in summer.

From basic fabrics made from cotton and silk to more complex weaves that are great for air circulation in the summer time, here are the best choices you can make in order to get both comfort and style in warm weather.

1. Cotton

If you want to stick to the basics, 100% cotton weaves have a high breathability, but you need to make sure that the cotton isn’t too thick for really warm and humid weather. Even if you’re not making it the main fabric in your summer wardrobe, don’t exclude cotton completely, since it’s both comfortable and extremely versatile.

Organic Cotton

2. Linen

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