10 Dating Rules You Should Break

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Published On 08 Sep 2014

There are a lot of useful old school dating rules that increase the success of a good matching, but many are outdated and can end up doing more harm than good. Instead of playing games, be yourself at the start of the dating process, and you’ll have a much higher chance at finding the right match.

Here are the dating rules you should break, in order to increase your shot at having a good time and getting a successful start to your new relationship.

1. Avoiding Any “Serious” Talk on the First Date

One of the more traditional dating rules is that you should avoid any “serious” discussion on the first date, whether it’s politics, religion, or how many kids you want to have. If they’re dealbreakers, getting these things out of the way is a good idea, as long as you keep the conversation casual and move on to them in the second half of the date.

2. Having Sex Based on a Predetermined Schedule

Among the dating rules you should break, few are sillier than the “no sex on the first date” or “sex on the third date” ones. Getting intimate is all about making a connection. Some casual hook ups can end in great relationships, and waiting to have sex because you feel you have to isn’t very mature. Whatever you decide, make sure that you’re in sync with your partner, don’t rush into it or wait to long for old fashioned reasons.

3. Turning Down Short Notice Plans

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