10 Best Weight Loss Spices

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Published On 19 Sep 2014

A diet that’s rich in spices can help you reduce your salt consumption, but a few spices also have special functions which can aid you when it comes to losing weight or keeping it stable without any big dieting efforts.

With the help of the best weight loss spices, you’ll manage to keep your metabolism at top speed, burn more fats and store less calories. Discover the spices that can have the biggest impact on your weight loss diet.

1. Cayenne Pepper

With a very high content of capsaicin, cayenne peppers are excellent for your metabolism. Capsaicin doesn’t just have a direct impact on your fat tissue, it also boosts your metabolic rate and can even contribute to decreasing your calorie intake. Multiple studies have proved capsaicin’s benefits for weight loss, so don’t be afraid to try this hot spice in a variety of recipes.

2. Ginger

Definitely one of the best weight loss spices, ginger also has a positive effect on your intestinal tract. The plant’s root has anti-inflammatory properties, but it can also act as a mild appetite suppressant when your biggest issue when it comes to dieting is impulse control. Use more ginger in your cooking or drink ginger tea in order to benefit from its metabolism boosting properties.

3. Cinnamon

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