10 Best High Protein Diets

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Published On 02 May 2014

Popular thanks to the combination of quick weight loss while still helping dieters feel full, high protein diets seem to work best in the short run. Once the water weight is gone, your body begins to break down its own fat deposits, but since most protein in these diets comes from animal sources, there are also risks to consider, like higher cholesterol levels.

Check out some of the best high protein diets and decide which one could work best for your diet and lifestyle. While only 12%-18% of calories in regular diets come from protein, these diet plans take it up a notch, even pushing 50%.

Weight Watchers – 26% Protein

One of the most successful weight loss programs in the world, Weight Watchers menus usually include protein that amounts to over a quarter of all calories. Since low-fat foods have less points in the diet plan, you’re encouraged to eat lean protein and lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way to real your goal.

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