10 Best Foods for Runners

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Published On 13 May 2014

When you’re running, your muscles need special fuel to keep you going and to quickly bounce back after being pushed to the limit. Running to keep fit or to train for a marathon is great for you, but you’ll see even more progress if you eat the right foods for feeding your muscles.

Try some of the best foods for runners, that will give you the right kind of energy, without empty calories or refined sugars. Eat them before your run or regularly and enjoy their positive effect on your body.


Whole grains can you lose weight and get rid of belly fat when you’re active, but the star of this food group is definitely quinoa when it comes to runners. Eating organic quinoa gives you the right balance of complex carbs along with vitamins and minerals that are very important to your muscles. Try it as a side dish or in salads.

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