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Published On 27 Nov 2013

The Bershka Christmas 2013 collection brings a multitude of sexy dresses into the spotlight. The brand tapped model Julia Almendra for the new ads, who seems to channel singer Ke$ha in the new set of images. Given the fact that the line is mixing glamorous accents with cool seasonal trends it’s hardly a surprise that the label’s new designs evoke somewhat contradictory images. Though the new options feel very simple at a first glance, a more careful look will reveal a lot of interesting details worth taking into account.

Among the main alternatives the new Bershka Christmas 2013 line brings into the spotlight are velvet dresses. Velvet don’t get too much love during the rest of the year but it can be a perfect way to make a fab style statement during the holiday season. Moreover, since the fabric itself is textured, keeping things simple is actually recommended, which means less effort. But, velvet is one of those fabrics that is either loved or hated with passion. If you belong in the latter category and don’t even want to consider reevaluating your position, fear not: there are plenty of other cool options which might catch your eye.

Bershka Sequin Dress

A bodycon ¾ sleeve dress is a stunning choice which can instantly steal the spotlight. The champagne colored dress presented in the new Bershka Christmas 2013 lookbook is a definite head-turner and can be a great pick for those who have the confidence to rock it. But beyond the sultry dresses the new line brings into the spotlight, there are also other striking choices which make it hard not to want to examine the new Bershka ads a little closer.

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