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Published On 24 Mar 2015

Whether you’re taking them for Facebook, Twitter or
Instagram, great selfies aren’t easy to pull off. There are plenty of things
you have to consider when taking a selfie and putting it up on social media or
using it as a profile pic.

In order to up your selfie game, take a look at a few selfie
tricks you can learn from cats. They’re not just adorable, they can also show
you what to do and what not to do when you’re trying to snap a selfie that will
get all the likes.

1. Choose the Right

The last thing you want from a selfie is to be a great
picture of you that’s ruined by some nasty detail in the background. Always
check the background and make sure that there’s nothing that can reflect poorly
on you. 

1. Choose The Right Background

Finding the perfect selfie spot isn’t easy, so when you’re in a
beautiful location, don’t hesitate to snap a few.

2. Check the Light

2. Check The Light

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